1. Players could obtain one S-Coin by making one-off deposit or by cumulative deposit on the same day. However, players must make the purchase based on the price of S-Coin on the actual day.
  2. The numbers of S-Coin available for purchase is depended on the value of Buy-In S-Coins value; Maximum claimable Buy-In S-coin will be capped at 10 coins.

    Value of Buy-In S-Coins Max Numbers of S-Coins
    500 1
    800 2
    1,500 3
    2,400 4
    5,500 5
    7,000 6
    8,500 7
    10,000 8
    12,000 9
    15,000 10

    The value of the S-Coin Sell out requires to be at a min of 100.00.

  3. After the first purchase of Buy-In S-Coins, the following purchase of the next Coin will be following the value of next purchase Buy-In S-Coin

    Currently have 3 Buy-In S-Coin with the Buy-In S-Coins value at 1200. In order to purchase the fourth Coin; The Buy-In S-Coin needs to be at value 1500. To claim the next coin, the deposit need to be made within 24 hours (12am –11:59pm) based on Buy-In S-Coin value.(claimable by website submission within the 24 hours period)

  4. The S-Coin Sell out value are based on the price of S-Coin Sell out. After the transactions of S-coin Sell Out has been made, the total value of S-Coin Sell out will not be determined based on previously transactions value.

    • Example:
    • S-Coin Sell out valued at 100.00.
    • 1 S-Coin Sell Out will be priced at MYR 100.00.
  5. Hence, the value of Buy-In and Sell-Out S-Coin will be reset once the all Coins has been claimed.
  6. Gameplay: Each deposit will gain an increment of 1.5% in value of the S-Coin.

    - Single Player: The price of S-Coin Sell Out will only be affected by Player’s personal transaction based on increment or deduction.

  7. Ranking Rewards:
    • Top 1: 3 Coins
    • Top 2: 2 Coins
    • Top 3: 1 Coin
    • Top 4 to 10: Increment of 30 in S-Coin Sell out value.
    Terms & Conditions Apply:

    This promotion is only available for SCR99 members.

    The value of S-Coin Sell Out will be increase randomly every week by SCR99.

    S-Coin Bonus only applicable to Live Casino, Sportsbook, Slot Game platforms. Except for 4D Lottery, Fishing, Poker.

    For S-coin credit claim, member must have balance inside game id below $5 to proceed request claim, Bonus only required rollover x1 time and max withdraw x5 times before any withdraw can be made.

    Kindly contact our customer service for more enquiries via LiveChat, WhatsApp or Telegram.

    Only 1 I.P address is only allowed to this bonus, if caught having more than 1 I.P address, usage multiple accounts would lead to confiscation of all free bonus credits. SCR99 has reserved right to withhold and cancel all winnings.

    SCR99 has the right to modify, change or terminate the promotion without prior notice.

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